Where Nature, Art &
Architecture Unite

Dwar’s unique idea of aesthetics is born from a passionate affinity towards indigenous art and profound admiration for nature as is. Natural elements organically find their way into Dwar’s signature living spaces. These spaces are thoughtfully created to allow ample natural sunlight and cross ventilation. The open-plan layouts allow the home spaces to spill into

the lush landscapes of the great outdoors allowing for a wholesome and refreshing design. Indoors, minimal walls meet high ceilings layered in sloping Mangalore tile roofs with glass inlays. The rustic elements and the calming hues of browns, beiges and whites bring forth warmth and a touch of contemporary elegance.


Materials & Finishes

Optimizing Resources
Of The Region

Almost all the construction material we use is either procured or produced locally in an attempt to stay true to our vision of being ecologically sound. Materials used to build a home are precious and limited; hence, we attempt to maintain a zero waste construction site.

Our choice of local materials is made at the time of conception, and is maintained all the way till the final finishes. We create living spaces that are meticulously crafted and impeccably finished to the very last detail.



Adapting our aesthetic
& philosophy to suit
your lifestyle

BUILT TO SUIT – Buy a Custom-Designed Home
Dwar acquires land in some of the most sought after neighbourhoods in Bangalore. In such places, Dwar envisions homes that align with an aesthetic philosophy. By booking a home at an early stage, you as the homeowner will be an important part of the design process thus enabling the creation of a living space that is perfectly suited to your requirement. However, if you do buy a villa that is already complete, minor changes can be performed upon request.

DESIGN BUILD – We Build/Renovate On Your Plot

Dwar can also build your dream home completely, as per your needs and requirement. If you own a property, you can get a custom made designer villa on your property. Leave the rest to the team, for they will create a home that suits your lifestyle, meets all your needs and yet reflects profound aesthetic value and Dwar’s philosophy.

Similarly, if your plot has an existing old home, we can renovate it interestingly by installing new infrastructural facilities. This will help give the home a refreshingly new look. This lease of life is a more environmental friendly solution as against a complete demolition and rebuilding propaganda.



Reduced Carbon

Dwar aims at giving back to the environment instead of taking from it. Our team makes a conscious effort to study the effects of development on the environment,
and finds creative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of each home. We try to be constantly and consciously aware of technological advancements so
they may be effectively used to contribute to sustainability.

Rainwater harvesting is incorporated and grey water reclamation is recommended to ensure very little water leaves the site. Roof top food gardens are nourished with minimal-waste drip irrigation systems. Solar photo-voltaic panels are recommended for the generation of renewable energy. Our designs inherently include carefully planned cross ventilation and plenty of skylights to reduce power usage during the day. We believe that we must responsibly share the resources of the earth with all its inhabitants, human or otherwise, and our designs reflect this belief.