Meet The Partners

Dwar is a partnership of uniquely talented minds with expertise in different aspects of architecture
and construction – what makes this team unique, is that every partner is also a practicing
professional, with actual hands-on experience in their respective fields.

Sharukh Mistry

A graduate from the Academy of Architecture, Sharukh has ever since been a prolific contributor to the field, a member of the Council of Architecture & a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects. It isn’t uncommon to see his work showcased in leading art and architecture magazines.

He heads Mistry Architects, a firm that for over three decades has been responsible for varied projects. His extensive portfolio features great diversity; from luxury resorts and business centres to group housing and welfare projects for the underprivileged.

Renu Mistry

A partner at Mistry Architects, Renu is an Architecture Graduate from IIT Kharagpur. She has a special fondness for ecologically conscious design and natural materials, which she incorporates in many of her designs, whether residential or commercial. Awards and press mentions are something of a habit for this sensitive designer, committed to community service and the betterment of construction practices.

Rama Srinivasan

Rama has worked as a business application system analyst, in the IT department of a U.S. based large utility company. After returning to India, she continued work in the same field but as a consultant. She is a trustee in two NGOs which focus on issues of the environment, education and community development, issues that she is passionate about.

Ravi Raju

Ravi Raju comes from a lineage of builders, and has a family-run construction business called ‘Ravi Raju Constructions’ since over thirty five years . With this experience he has successfully stepped into the business of real-estate development.

Shankar Ravi

Shankar Ravi comes from a family that has been in the business of construction for the past three generations. His in-depth understanding of the field, gives him the proficiency and prowess needed to oversee and execute a construction project to the final maintenance, completion and handover.

Kumaresh Sekaran

Kumaresh has an Architecture degree from NIT, Trichy and a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Architecture from the University of Arizona. A subsequent 22 year career across India, Singapore and the U.S.A. has given him a truly global perspective on sustainable building and eco-friendly architecture, which he brings to the business of real-estate development.

Adil Writer

Adil has a Master’s degree in Urban Design from the University of Houston, USA and a Bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Bombay. He worked in Bombay as an architect and interior designer for over 15 years prior to setting up his ceramic studio in Auroville. His paintings and ceramic works are exhibited internationally, and are part of important museum collections.


We operate out of a beautiful pent-house studio located in Indira Nagar, Bangalore. The same warmth, openness and serenity associated with Dwar’s eco-villas can be experienced in this inspiring workspace.


Share & Care

Spreading Wealth And Wellbeing

Dwar is committed to bettering lives by ensuring that not only monetary consideration,
but also prosperity trickles down to all those involved in the construction process. Financial incentives and
health care benefits are offered to all our employees, labourers and artisans. More importantly,
our connection with our workforce doesn’t end with paying them fairly; we go a step further by investing in the
improvement of their skills, helping them build better homes for themselves and educating their children.
All our landscaping is done by a company run entirely by differentially-abled people. We support local artisans
thereby aiding cottage industries. We provide young artists with a platform so they can showcase their work.
Artists supported by us have greatly benefitted from their association with Dwar, and grown to become established
names in their field. To keep this cycle going we’re always open to supporting young
talent who are looking for a platform for their work. We believe that our growth should spell theirs.
A conscious and continuous effort is made to find ways of spreading wealth and
wellbeing to the community that we are a part of.